• Classic II Series

    Classic II Series

    The top-selling, 100% mil-spec, American Classic II is one of the best 1911 values on the market and includes many add-ons usually found in custom pistols.

  • Commander Series

    Commander Series

    This 4.25” barrel pistol has all the features you’ve come to expect from an American Classic, but in a lighter and easier to conceal package.

  • Compact Commander Series

    Compact Commander Series

    The Compact Commander does everything the classic Commander does, but with a more compact grip and an officer-style frame.

  • Amigo Series

    Amigo Series

    1911 aficionados love this gun because it does not sacrifice power and reliability. Fitted with a 3.6” bull-type barrel, the Amigo comes with a reputation for dependable handling and accuracy.

  • Trophy Series

    Trophy Series

    There is a reason why this model is called the Trophy. Sporting high-end features, this pistol is raising the standard for 1911s.

  • XB Series

    XB Series

    The American Classic XB offers unmatched performance out-of-the-box. Sporting a specially designed high-capacity frame, each XB is hand fit and quality assured to ensure “Precise Fit, Perfect Fire.®”

  • Government Series

    Government Series

    The America Classic is the 1911 that speaks for itself with excellent fit and finish. It’s tight, accurate, and has a nice trigger pull.

  • Bobcut Series

    Bobcut Series

    Featuring a specially contoured frame heel and plenty of high-end add-ons, the Bobcut has all the features you know and love, while being comfortable to conceal.

  • Bullseye Series

    Bullseye Series

    Excellent for competition shooting, this 1911 offers a 6-inch match-grade barrel for dead-on accuracy.